Office Hours Clinical Support Centre

The clinical support centre service is available during standard office hours on normal working days.

The Medical Information Department, manning the support centre, is made up of teams of medical information assistants managed by trained pharmacists. When necessary, these teams can be reinforced by our pharmacovigilance teams.

Staff can manage day-to-day clinical support using their great knowledge of the regulations currently in place (modes of prescription and drug delivery, etc.).

AXPHARMA’s clinical support centre, with all its pharmacovigilance expertise, can provide solutions based on the sum of a client’s needs concerning medical and pharmaceutical information, complaints about quality or inquiries linked strictly to pharmacovigilance coming from a healthcare professional, patient, consumer or journalist.

This service covers all types of products: medicines, medical devices or cosmetic products.

AXPHARMA responds on behalf of the client, answering any questions about a medicine, medical device or cosmetic product, whether it comes from a hospital or community-based healthcare professional, a patient or a consumer. Our medical information pharmacists marry their dispensary skills to the clinical experience of our physicians.

Because the Medical Information Department interacts continuously with the Quality Department, it meets the same standards of quality as the Pharmacovigilance Department. Just like the latter department, the Medical Information Department is subject to audits and inspections.

AXPHARMA follows the regulatory requirements in its field very closely, and it is always present at Drug Information Association meetings.

AXPHARMA has made a significant investment in information and communication technology so that it can offer a clinical support centre service meeting all of today’s requirements, including logging all inquiries, following its Business Continuity Plan, and the validation of the computer and telephone systems which it uses.

Specialised CRM software has been developed in-house by AXPHARMA in order to optimise the management of thousands of medically-related inquiries and telephone calls. AXPHARMA can also use any CRM tools a particular client chooses to work with.