Company Values and Principles

Our values :

Confidentiality and Reliability

To guarantee professional confidentiality and be a reliable partner in order develop mutual trust.

Availability and Adaptability

To be attentive, respond rapidly and adapt to our clients’ requirements in order to offer the most appropriate solution.

Thoroughness and Expertise

To work with precision, professionalism and expertise in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.


Our Principles:


To work honestly and openly in order to always be able to justify our actions and decisions.


Never to forget that clients, partners or colleagues must cooperate and show consideration for each other in order to create a virtuous circle.


This is an essential element for establishing a healthy, enthusiastic working environment and strong working relationships.

These values and principles express our company’s identity—AXPHARMA is committed to providing its clients with an outstanding service, whether in its day-to-day activities or in crisis situations.