Employees and Organisation

Florence Postel started AXPHARMA in 2001, after over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, notably at Eli Lilly and 12 years at MSD.

Ms Postel is a Doctor of Pharmacy and holds an MSc in Pharmacology and an executive MBA. Starting AXPHARMA anticipated the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. As the first specialist company in its field, AXPHARMA is perfectly positioned to offer laboratories a variety of specially adapted, high-quality services to help them face the constantly growing regulatory demands of pharmacovigilance.

AXPHARMA today employs nearly 50 professionals, of whom nearly half are physicians or pharmacists specialising in pharmacovigilance. In order to be fully qualified to carry out pharmacovigilance services, numerous DIA certifications are necessary. AXPHARMA can also count on the support of a number of certified consultants.



Pour répondre au mieux aux demandes croissantes et aux possibles crises, un département d’Information Médicale distinct du département PV a été créé depuis quatre ans et est encadré par des pharmaciens. Pour assurer le service astreinte nuit et weekend, des collaborateurs sont exclusivement médecins et pharmaciens.