Special Situations, including Crisis Management

AXPHARMA can react very quickly to critical situations (being temporarily out of stock, product recalls, modification to legal notices or other situations resulting from demands from healthcare authorities or the media)

AXPHARMA can provide dedicated crisis management teams for various timescales, be it on a billable hours basis or for longer periods of time.

The significant experience that our Clinical Support Centre Department has gained over the last few years, be it in crisis management or in other urgent situations, allows AXPHARMA to adapt the response team according to the type and volume of inquiries, with backup from the Pharmacovigilance Department, if necessary.

The information and communication technology tools AXPHARMA uses have been developed and programmed to allow the necessary customer support to become available rapidly as the appropriate number of personnel needed is integrated immediately.

AXPHARMA stands alongside its customers in order to support them and find quick, efficient solutions in crisis situations.