Commitment to quality

Since its creation, AXPHARMA has consistently kept its commitment to ensuring quality. Quality assurance is an integral part of the services we provide, and a first internal quality audit was carried out in 2004.


Since then, we have been audited by client laboratories over 100 times and have been inspected by a number of European agencies (most recently in 2013). These audits and inspections help us to continuously reinforce our quality assurance systems, including our information and communication technologies.

AXPHARMA’s regularly updated internal quality assurance manual guides the efficiency of our system. Over 30 different specific procedures—written in both French and English—and 70 work instructions create the framework for AXPHARMA’s activities.

The head of the Quality Assurance Department works in close collaboration with both the Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Departments to ensure that all these procedures, agreements and work instructions are always in line with the latest regulations and with clients’ expectations.

Quality is ever present in AXPHARMA’s activities and services. Quality is even an important concern when AXPHARMA equips itself with information and communication technology: client data must be accessible, backed-up and traceable at all times. All the software used by AXPHARMA has been validated, and its information and communication technology systems are integrated into its business continuity plan.